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Market Research Tools for Best Shopper Insights

Emazing Retailing delivers market research tools to help retailers get smarter consumer insights, all using real shoppers.

Market Research Tools for Best Shopper Insights

Full Shopping

Test your product in a full shopping storefront.

Fully responsive design, testing both web and mobile experiences

Emulates a real online shopping experience

Includes navigation, search results, and product pages

Tracks every movement and click throughout the purchasing process

Product Page

Test your products' performance on product pages designed to emulate Amazon, Ebay, and other online marketplaces.

Realistic shopping experience on marketplace websites

Fully responsive design, testing both web and mobile experiences

Test main product image, headlines, and more

See which categories produce the most sales of your product

Collect emails for activation campaigns or pre-ordering

Test new products or existing products

Allows you to test banner images, headlines, buttons, and more

The DTC builder

Employ the advantages of A/B testing by creating a fully customizable direct-to-consumer website.

Creates easily a direct-to-consumer websites around a potential product to be launched

Easy and quick to create thanks to our proprietary builder

Identify via different options what is the best way/ best feature to make your product more appealing

Different features (video, slides, faq…) to make the experience as interactive as possible

Conditional questions based on whether product bought or not

Shelf Tests

Test how your product performs in the real world!

Emulates a real in-store shopping experience

Tests several packaging options quickly

Shoppers can zoom in on product details

Shoppers can add one product or several to their cart, just as they would in real life

Our Methodologies

Our Methodologies

Emazing Retailing uses verifiable and reliable testing methodologies that have been proven by market research experts.

We custom design each test to meet your needs, mixing behavioral market research and cutting-edge digital marketing research. We conduct each monadic testing with a robust sample size, all on a fully responsive site that emulates the mobile shopping experiences.

Each shopper’s action is recorded and analyzed, creating between 100 and 500 data points per shopper. This provides us with the clearest picture of how consumers will really shop and buy your products.

Put Our Tests to Work for You

See how Emazing Retail’s market research tools can optimize the shopping experience.

Trusted by many Companies

We can help facilitate the recruitment process with a wide range of worldwide panelists who possess detailed information regarding their respondents.